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3 Tips To Succeed With Affiliate Programs.

3 Tips To Succeed With Affiliate Programs.


Dear friends, when it comes to promoting affiliate programs we all follow a certain defined process. We first go to google type affiliate programs in the search field. When the results get displayed we look for “high paying” affiliate programs. By “high paying” I mean those who pay 25% commissions.

3 Tips To Succeed With Affiliate Programs
3 Tips To Succeed With Affiliate Programs

Then we visit each and every website listed and join the programs because they are free! to join. We put all sorts of banners and text ads on our links page and expect to see a check in our mailbox the next morning.

Well, I am here going to reveal a very different way of promoting affiliate programs. Let us revise the process one-by-one.

Step 1> Search for affiliate programs with your favorite search engine. Look for only those affiliate programs which have products which interest you. Fowhichple, if you are interested in “radio controlled airplanes” then look for such products first. Don’t start with promoting “herbal shampoos” or “yoga cd’s” just because they pay 40% commissions.

Since you already know a little about RC planes it will be much easier for you to promote various aspects of the product.

So when selecting the affiliate program keep in mind the following sequence

a) Product which you know about or are interested in.

b) Quality of the product. To know the quality of the product it is advisable to buy the product yourself first.

c) The organization associated with the product. Look for the promotional material they are giving to affiliates. This shows the confidence of the manufacturer in their own product.

d) Commission structure. Some webmasters provide 2 tier commission structure. Some have a threshold amount before the affiliates get paid. Here is a nice place to start with. This is a list which contains 50 Affiliate Programs That Pay AT LEAST 50% commissions.

Step 2> Design a simple landing page to “presell” the product before sending the visitors to actual sales page. Now, this step is extremely important. Why do you to presell the product ?. This is because this is internet. No one knows you here or has seen you personally.

Normally when someone buys from the internet he is going to look for similar 4-5 products before he gets to the final decision. Here if he comes to your affiliate landing page it becomes much easier for him to compare the product you want to promote with similar 4-5 products in the category.

The landing page you have designed can have testimonials, which you can borrow from the sales page. It can also contain your own experience with the product. You can use before/after situations for describing the benefits of the product. You can use photographs of yourself using the product successfully. This adds instant credibility to the product you want to promote.

Step 3>When the visitors reach your landing page you must have a system to capture their names and email addresses. Because as I said earlier there are many people who look for similar 4-5 products before buying. By capturing email address you can “follow up” your subscribers later on using newsletters or product features using email autoresponders.

The best way to capture email addresses is to provide a  free gift related to the product. This free gift can be an eBook written by you or many webmasters already have an ebook written for the affiliates. SO again this is a very important point, join only those programs where you will find a decent promotional material already prepared for the affiliates.

That’s it friends. I hope these words were helpful. I wish you good lick in your affiliate promotional journey

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