Within only one day, Game CoD: Warzone obtains up to 6 million players

For those who have always supported a game producing company called Activision, of course, you have already known that lately this company has announced the release of its new game named Call of Duty: Warzone, the sort of game Battle-Royale, which is similar to game PUBG, too. After being publicly played on computer, Xbox One and PS4 within only 24 hours, actually this new game has gained tremendous supports amongst games around the whole world up to more than 6 million players from all over the world.

Normally, game Call of Duty: Warzone has two different ways of playing, since it’s been separated in the part called Battle Royale and Plunder. For the part, Battle Royale, of course, it’s gained tremendous supports, each group has 3 players in order to fight against each other with many other players up to 150 people, until the latest team will be the winner. More importantly, each player who got shot dead, of course, they will be sent to another place called Gulag, at that place, they can shoot each other until they can find the winner, then they will survive once again. As for the part called Plunder, of course, it has players up to 102 players, and it’s also separated into 3 people each team in the game to receive the money in the game up to 1 million dollars ahead of many other team and for those who can make money the most within only 30mn. Well, you will be able to make money in the game by looking for it in each different place or picking up money from the enemy when they got shot dead.

Therefore, this is good news for those who like to play game in the form of shooting type Battle Royale like this new game Call of Duty, and you can download it to play for free as well. For those who have computer, of course, you can go to the official website called Battle.net in order to download while those using game console such as Xbox One or PS4, of course, you can go to Store to look for it.

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