Fixing Camera of Autofocus of Galaxy S20 Series will come within the next Version Update

For the top smartphone series, model Galaxy S20/S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra released this year, of course, Samsung has taken care of it by focusing on the front camera lens and rear camera lens. Still, the thing which is to be mistaken is on Autofocus. Therefore, the latest version update of this new version update, of course, it will fix the problem of Autofocus for the model Galaxy S20 Series to obtain much better experience of taking the photo and record the video up to 8K, too.

According to the news agency called SamMobile, posted lately that the latest version update for the new smartphone model Exynos of Galaxy S20 Series, since it comes along with the code: G98xxXXU1ATCH when we installed it. Well, the same news source also added that currently, it’s not available for downloading on OTA (Over-The-Air), or it simply means that it’s not possible at Setting yet, since it’s convenient for download my yourself via Smart Switch. It seems that it’s just like what we’ve mentioned above, too, since there are lots of changes based on the Camera, and Samsung has also updated it to the version of for the model Galaxy S20 Series. Well, when after getting refreshed, we will realize that the Autofocus is not a problem anymore since it will perform much faster than ever before.

Be informed that the new version update for Galaxy S20 Series will be available for updating on OTA soon shortly, and it’s now available for downloading to install by yourself on Smart Switch gradually from now on. While Samsung will start releasing the new version update on OTA soon shortly, therefore, you can find it in Setting. Thus, don’t forget to wait for it together.

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